Strahan Cain

Strahan Cain
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Brochure Websites
September 2017
Web Design
Strahan Cain


Strahan Cain, PLLC is a law firm in Houston, TX. They are a young, dynamic firm with two main focus areas: startups and existing businesses. They wanted to treat each demographic separately, but still have a cohesive look and feel. 

Practices Areas, Attorneys, and Clients

For this site, we wanted to create logical connections between the different practice areas, attorneys, and client types. For example, established businesses don't have to worry about Business Formation any more but startups do. Some attorneys specialize in different practice areas than others. 


The Result

Creating meaningful content connections

Centered around the Practice Areas, we created relationships between the different sections using Craft CMS's entry and category field types. Instead of having a site where there are just silos of information, now the pages are fluid between one another and guide the user seamlessly around the site. 

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