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Steve Deupree
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June, 2017
Website Development
Steve Deupree Art Website


Artist Portfolio Website

Steve Deupree is a Charlottesville, Virginia & Whitehall, Michigan landscape artist. This website was designed with two purposes in mind: to display his paintings in a simple but elegant manner and then to also make it so it's very easy to add a new painting. 

Easy-to-update backend

Using the custom fields of Craft CMS, we designed a custom dashboard where it takes less than one minute to add a new painting to the site. Now, it's very easy for Steve to add paintings to his site and keep the site up-to-date with his work. 

When you add a painting on the back-end, it automatically is added to the new paintings section, the archives, and the homepage (if desired). When a painting is sold, a simple switch of a button puts the sold sign up on all relevant pages. It's so easy! 


The Result

A website that takes the pain out of maintaining

Understanding the need to keep this artist's site constantly updated, the backend of this site is designed to make adding new work a breeze, rather than a chore. The site displays the artist's work and stays up-to-date since it's so easy to update! 

This site took less than three weeks from contract to launch. 

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