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July 2017
Website Development
Medical Practice Website


Custom Website for Private Medical Practice

Milepost Medical is a private medical practice located just outside of Houston, Texas. Unlike like a typical medical practice that bills patient on a per-visit or service basis, Milepost utilizes a subscription method. This means that patients do not go through their insurance for billing and only have to pay a monthly fee (like a gym membership) for their services. 

Layouts that can easily be changed

Each page on this site had a different criteria. Videos, lists, pricing tables, etc. The client's wanted to be able to change the layouts and text easily, so we utilized Craft CMS's Matrix feature. This feature enables the client to essentially stack blocks and choose which block fits their needs at a particular time, and be changed as that criteria changes.


The Result

A sleek, easy to navigate and update site

We love how this site turned out. The site's user experience and admin experiences are both designed for ease of use. This site gives the client a flexible and versatile tool box with which they can add/ modify the site.

This site took less than six weeks from signed contract to launch.  

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