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May 2017
Website Development
Maverix Solutions Website


Maverix Solution's previous site, built just a few months before on Wordpress, literally fell apart after a standard update. Unfortunately, this is all too common with Wordpress sites. Maverix approached Harwood Digital for a more stable and secure site, that was also optimized for their PPC marketing campaign.

Stable and Reliable Content Management System

We built them a custom site in Craft CMS, a much more stable and reliable platform. Some of the coolest features about this site are not how it looks on the front but what's under the hood. Unlike Wordpress, Craft CMS does not use themes or plugins, so there are fewer things that can either break or be hacked. It's a much faster and more secure platform. 


The Result

A website that is worth the investment

There is nothing worse than paying for a site only to have to pay for another one again a short time later. We get it. That is why we built this one, and all of our sites, with a business-first growth mindset. 

This 55 page responsive site took 3 weeks from signed contract to launch. 

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