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Website Design
July, 2017
Website Development
Houston Limo Website



You First Limo was one of our early clients, back when the company was Madeleine Banta Design. Their old site was built in Wordpress and over the years ended up having an increasing amount of problems. When it was time to re-build the site, we chose CraftCMS for the content management system and worked to make the site more user friendly. 

Reducing the obstacles

One of the biggest goals of this project was to simply make the site easier for the user. Easier to navigate, easier to fill out forms, just easier all around. For the navigation, we utilized a combination of the main nav, a sticky sub nav, and a side navigation to make it easier for the user to navigate the site. 

The forms were the real challenge. Due to the complex contingent logic that was required for each form (if you select a certain field you get different fields depending on what you selected), we opted to build the forms using Congnito Forms and then iFramed them in. This enabled us to build very complex forms easily. 

The old site only had one very large form, and for this site we separated the forms out into multiple, more specific forms. This makes it easier and more manageable for the user to use, and thus has increased the number of conversions.


The Result

By making the site easier to use and reducing the obstacles the user has to go through to submit a form, the site is far outperforming the old site. Thanks to the combination of the new site and their awesome marketing team, this site is a lean, mean, converting machine. 

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