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Bring Your Own Dog (BYOD) Houston
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Logo Design
July, 2017
Logo Design
Bring Your Own Dog Logo
Byod Logo 06

Bring Your Own Dog (BYOD), Houston is a local business that supports and is an advocate for Houston's dog friendly restaurants, bars, shops, and other establishments. They are strong advocates for allowing well-behaved dogs accompany their owners while out and about Houston. 

BYOD contracted Harwood Digital Design to come up with a custom logo for their business. Instead of using a common canine symbol such as a paw print or silhouette, we opted to use a leash instead. It not only enforces the notion that the majority of establishments require dogs to be on leashes, but it also works well to create the O in BYOD, thus breaking up the text. 

This project took less than two weeks from contract to completion. 

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