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Quick-Turnaround Custom Websites

Let’s be honest, sometimes you need a website and you need it ASAP. You have an awesome business and you need people to start contacting you! Don’t worry, we have developed our processes to be able to accommodate pressing deadlines. Depending on your budget and when you need the website, we have a variety of time-saving tricks up our sleeves. Please know, when it comes to quick-turnaround websites, we are going to need all/ the majority of the content before we start.

Regardless of when you need your website, we know are not willing to compromise on quality. Your site is going to be built using a content management system that is secure and stable. It’s going to be responsive. And it’s going to be awesome.

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What’s considered a quick turnaround?

This is going to depend on your page count and the number of features needed. There is big difference between a 5 page site and a 500 page site. A quick turnaround for a 5 page site might be a week where a 500 page site might be six weeks. A normal turnaround for a site with less than 20 pages is 6 weeks and a site with more than 20 pages is 8 weeks (excluding e-commerce sites which take a minimum of 8 weeks).

Is there a fee for expediting a site?

Umm...yes. If we are going to be rearranging projects/ schedules you can bet there is going to be a charge for the rush turnaround. How much is this charge? We simply calculate what the site would have cost based on the number of pages and features and then add 15% to the total. Easy Peasy:)


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