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Your website should be the visual, online representation of your business. The hierarchy of the design, pages, and even the backend needs to align with your business goals. We take a great deal of time to get to know your business and what makes it unique so we can accomplish this goal. Not only do we create a custom look and feel for your site, we also customize the backend of the site to make it easy for our clients to maintain and update.

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Brochure Website Overview

Brochure websites, or simple non-ecommerce websites, are fantastic ways to showcase your services, industries, or capabilities online. These simple websites can be used to solicit requests for quotes, consultations, or simply phone calls. All of our websites are tailored towards the unique needs of our client's company. Ranging from just a few pages to hundreds of pages, these sites offer a great solution for churches, startups, and established businesses alike.


Standard Features

Brochure sites can accommodate almost all website features and integrations, except for e-commerce capabilities. Typical website features found on a brochure site include: 

- Blog
- Latest News/ Events  
- Photo gallery
- Forms
- PDF downloads  
- Events Calendar 

One of the things we pride ourselves on is customizing the features of the site and the backend of the site to your company and your company's needs. Depending on the needed features and the pages, we have the ability to make complex connections and relationships between content.



Sometimes it seems as though website pricing is completely arbitrary. To avoid this, we have developed a simple tiered pricing structure. The core price is based on the number of pages and/ or the number of unique templates that need to be coded. Please call us at 713-714-0807 to learn more about our prices. 

Our website costs are inclusive of the following elements. If there is a change to the scope of work, an addendum may be necessary.

- Custom web design & development
- Client license of Craft CMS
- Basic SEO setup (Page titles, meta descriptions pulled from body text)
- Website training after launch
- Basic monthly automated web traffic reports (optional) 
- Ability to call/ text/ email a real human with any/ all questions


- Website hosting
- Domain
- SSL Certificate
- Ongoing website maintenance (available for a fee) 


Our Approach

We spend a great deal of time getting to know your business and what makes it unique before starting in on the design. Only once we understand your business and your business goals will we start to approach the design. 

The design process is used to work through the look and feel of the website before entering into development. It's much easier to make a change to the design rather than a coded-out site so we work hard to ensure that the design is exactly what you are looking for before starting development. 

All of our sites are built using Craft CMS, making it easy for you to update content and add pages to your site. You will be able to log in from any computer to make basic updates to the site. After launch, we will provide you training and tutorials for how to make updates. 

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After Launch

Think of websites as organic and living. They need to be maintained and updated to reduce security risks and to improve search engine rankings. After we will train you to make basic think about who will be responsible for the site’s up-to-date. If this is something you would that we would take care of for out our “ongoing maintenance services”. In addition to maintaining the site, we can also help you to improve your website presence through our search engine optimization and marketing strategy services. 

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