Social Marketing & Management

Let us take the burden of maintaining your social platforms off of your shoulders. We can offer you relief by maintaining and updating all of your businesses social media platforms on a regular basis, helping to both keep your business in front of and to grow your client base.  


Develop your own voice.

In addition to developing a cohesive visual brand, we will also work on developing a specific voice for each social platform. Where facebook might be a little more casual your linked in posts will likely be more professional. 

Our social management is a monthly recurring fee that depends on how many platforms need to be updated and the desired frequency of posts. We will work together to develop a strategy for each platform, and for your business as a whole. 

*Due to the nature of some of the detailed messages or comments that come across the platforms, we might need to seek your advice for the best way to answer. We will do our best to take care of as much as we can but sometimes need your help.

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