Search Engine Optimization

Your website's position in organic search results can be the difference in thousands of dollars of business for your company. With steady improvements to the structure of and content on the site, we will work together to develop a plan to improve your site's search engine visibility. 


Many companies say that they are performing "SEO" on your site but you never know what they are working on or changes they are making. Our monthly reports go over the traffic trends on your site as well as detailed log of our time and changes. 


As mentioned above, we start with SEO packages starting from 5 hours per month. We will work off of this retainer and if any hours or portion of hours are not used, they will rollover to the next month. If we need to go over the allotted hours, we can pro-rate an hour from the following month. Bottom line is that we are flexible and will work within your budget. We ask for an initial 6 month contract and then after that 6 months you can put your campaign on pause as needed.

Website Updates for SEO Clients

Having a well maintained and updated website is a small, yet important part of improving your rankings. A site that isn't up-to-date often has slower page load times and can render incorrectly. If you do not have anyone who is making regular maintenance updates to your site, we can include this with your SEO contract. If this is the case, we strongly recommend you sign up for a minimum of 6 hours a month so that we can preserve 5 for SEO improvements, not just routine maintenance.  

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