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“We use design to
enhance businesses”

Harwood bridges the gap between agency professionalism and a freelancer’s personal touch.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Harwood Digital Design was founded to help businesses have the best branding and online presence possible. We seek to establish strong and lasting relationships with our clients and do what we their branding and marketing needs. 

There are lots of wannabe freelancers working 9-5 and running their own design side business. Which is cool. We’ve been there -- so we know they struggle to give clients their full attention. Equally there are stacks of agencies overselling design services -- putting the squeeze on startups and SMEs by offering them more features than they actually need. 

Harwood’s founder and principal designer, Maddie Banta, is growing a small but perfectly-formed studio of professionals that can work in close partnership with local, national, and international businesses as their go-to digital design resource. She’s all about robust, user-friendly design and uses a consultative, cost-effective, data-driven approach that fits with her clients' needs.

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