Nov 07, 2016

Alternatives to Wordpress


Get off the Wordpress will thank me! 

Don't get me wrong. Wordpress is amazing. It's flexible, easy to use, and quick to install. 58.7% of sites using a content management system use wordpress. Obviously there is a lot to love. But with so much love, there is almost an equal amount to hate.

It's finicky

Your theme, plugins, and operating system all have to be friends and work together. One little thing wrong and your entire site goes up in a scary fire of error messages. Let's say your operating system automatically updates, but you forgot to update your theme. KA-POWWW!!

Sites are slow

Does your site just never seem to want to load? It's not your fault. Due to the easy-to-use dashboard, there is a TON of code that is required to keep everything easy to operate. This in turn slows everything down. 

They are prone to malware.

Remember that 57.8% marketshare I mentioned before? That huge percentage entices jerks to try to infect sites with malware. No, nobody is after you or your site specifically. What they do is they are looking for weak points in code. Where do they find these? In plugins and themes, of course. Due to this, users have to be super diligent to keep their sites updated, or they have to hire someone to do this for them (like us!). Regardless, the majority of sites get infected with malware and it's a huge headache when this happens. 

They are a pain to code in.

PHP is a bitch. I feel like most people can agree with that. So, to compensate, the few people who do enjoy coding in create wonderful themes that are easy to use...but annoying to do any serious customizations to. These themes can also be finicky...going back to the first point. 

So what do you do?  I have launched dozens of Wordpress sites and finally reached a breaking point...literally. Regardless of how much time I spent to ensure the sites were set up correctly, it would just be a matter of time before I got a panicked phone call from a client whose site was acting up. I started to do some research and started to realize that there is a big world out there with other, just as easy to use, but not as finicky CMS's.

Lesser-Known Alternative Content Management Systems to Wordpress. 

For the fully-custom site . . .

Craft CMS - This is my favorite new CMS. It's a developer's dream and the backend is super customizable, making it very user friendly. It's also very light weight, making your site load faster than Usain Bolt.

For just the blog . . . 

Ghost - If you are just looking for an alternative to wordpress for your blog, check out Ghost. I wouldn't recommend it for a full website, but it would be perfect for a blog. 

For the budget-friendly or do-it-yourselfer

Weebly - Want to become your own web designer and web master? Look at Weebly. It's fantastially easy to use and set up. If you want a super custom site, don't choose Weebly. It's great for the basics but nothing more:)

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