Honest & Upfront Digital Design

Anyone who’s serious about making money needs a grown up website, right? Why, it’s pretty much the first place customers go when they start looking for a product or service! While small businesses rock at ‘doing what they do best’ they don’t always have time to hustle. They need their core assets to do that for them; to make sure they stand out from the competition.

That’s where Harwood comes in...

We offer the full stack of digital design services. Work with us to build every darn visual asset you need to entice customers -- encouraging them to explore and find out more.

  • Websites

    Websites are what we do best. From designing to maintaining, we love any and everything to do with websites. Your website should be a reflection of your business but it should also drive conversions. Therefore, we spend just as much time studying the latest AB Conversion tests as we spend researching designs. We would love to help you with your project, no matter how big or small.

  • Logos

    Our timeless logos will help your business to brand your new company, stand out from your competitors, or even just give your current company a refreshed look. We can help you design a custom logo or even brand a new business!  

  • Remarketing Ads

    Directly target the users that came to your site but did not convert with our custom-designed remarketing ads. Whether you just need one set of ads or multiple variations, we can help you to bring users back to your site.

  • Overflow Relief

    Feeling the heat with multiple deadlines or do you only need a designer a few hours a month? Fret no more. We can essentially step in to help you with your surplus work and utilize your brand standards as needed. 

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Awesome Websites

All kinds of websites. Brochure websites, corporate websites, non-profit websites… you get the idea. We also design, maintain, and test them. In fact, we spend as much time testing them as we spend researching the right designs.

Why? Because we believe your website should should do more than just show the world what your business does: it should also drive conversions.

Whatever you need a site for -- or even if you’re not sure -- talk to us. We’ll steer you in the right direction

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Enlightening Logos


Seriously. Nix any cheap and nasty MS Paint-designed logos you might have hanging around. We’ll create you a custom logo that sets your brand alight.

Worried current clients might not ‘get’ a spankin' new design? No worries. We’ll simply give your old logo a facelift.

Just starting out? We can craft one from scratch!

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Staying Social

Gosh-darn you -- all-encompassing, time-consuming social media!

Whether it’s your favorite or most hated time waster, the fact is social media channels -- Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn posts -- are a great way of acquiring, engaging, and interacting with customers. It’s a big job, and you’ve got a business to run… so why not let us take care of it all?


Design Support

Overflow Relief for companies

What if there was another solution besides drinking an extra cup of coffee to handle a heavy workload?

Funny you ask -- because that’s exactly what we offer

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What We’re About

Here in Texas, handshakes and verbal contracts still count for something. We believe business should be a pay-it-forward cycle of trust and success. We’re all about giving our customers what they need, so they can get the most value from their customers. Here’s how we roll...


‘Good’ designs aren’t clouded by esoteric ‘artistic vision’ or tainted by trends, fashions, and fads. We create lasting, durable designs that feel right for our clients.


We’re 1000% committed to our clients’ ongoing success. This means every design asset has to be innately understood by your customers at first glance. It’s not just good UX, it’s understanding that business needs are driven by real people.


We don’t make square pegs fit round holes: we get under the skin of what our clients want, and offer them what they need. We’re not ok with up selling services to make a fast buck, but we don’t do quick fixes either. We build trusted, lasting relationships.

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